Indoor Dog Park

Fido Fitness Club®‘s indoor, off-leash dog-park gives dogs an opportunity to play together with other dogs in our indoor dog park.  Everything about our facility is designed for the comfort and safety of dogs.  A community-minded experience, dogs can socialize with other dogs while their owners can meet like-minded neighbors who value their pets.

Indoor Dog Park at the Fido Fitness Club

Unlike outdoor parks, Fido Fitness Club®s indoor dog park is air-conditioned, clean and protected from the outside elements.  Our specially designed compressed foam floor is easy on the paws and comfortable for dogs and their owner to run or jump on.

To guarantee the safety and health of your dog, prior to admission to the park, all dogs must pass our behavior review and owners must provide proof of current vaccinations. A controlled, safe environment, our staff are available to help with any unexpected park incidents.


Live Web Cam available now at The Fifo Fitness Club to watch your dog at play.


Daily Dog Park Pass

Single dog: $15/Each

For additional Park discounts, see Membership.

Dog Park Passes are meant for you and your dog to play together.

For Drop-off service, see Fetching Fido