Fido Fitness Club® is a one of a kind, 8,000 square foot climate controlled facility located in the hamlet of Woodmere, New York. Fido Fitness Club® is a neighborhood based solution, that provides a safe, off-leash space for dogs to run, socialize with other dogs, and spend the day in quality Daycare. Offering a solution for dog owners who work long hours or need to be away from their home for any reason, Fido Fitness Club®’s daycare delivers peace of mind and encourages canine well-being.

With easy access to our local train station, Fido Fitness Club® is an ideal resource for commuters or anyone who wants to leave their dog in a safe, nurturing environment. Founded by dog lovers for dog lovers, Fido Fitness Club® meets the highest standards for pet-safety and support. Dedicated to bringing out the best in every dog, our Club amenities are geared to the physical and emotional well-being of dogs. In our Dog Park, dogs can play off-leash in a safe environment and owners can feel confident that their dog(s) is getting sufficient exercise and playtime regardless of the weather and time of day. Our staff are certified in First Aid and CPR and trained in handling Dogs in Daycare.


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Press & Reviews

I was nervous about bringing Benny to Fido because he hasn't really had much exposure to so many dogs at once, but the team did a great job in making him feel comfortable. I have the uptmost trust in the staff to take great care of my pup. They handled all the dogs really well.

- Jennifer Martinez

My darling 31/2 year old Yorker loves going to Fido fitness. And getting groomed. The staff truly cares about my family member and I can go to work without worry

- Nancy Mezrahi

A great place! Home away from home for my dog.

- Wonda Desposito

I don't know what you people are doing over there but I thank you! I notice big improvements in the way my dog walks on leash after visiting. I actually felt like the "master" today, lol. Thank you for taking care of my babies, caring for them, and giving me peace of mind while we are apart. I will definitely be back!

- Saadia Lewton

Fido Fitness is the place to go for my Fido's nutritional needs, and its economical too.

- Corbette Green

As always my lil man Monster I had a blast with friends in the indoor park. As much as we love being outdoors Fido's provides a much needed space in the heat of the summer and cold winters. The staff is always friendly and on top of things in keeping the park clean :). We couldn't be happier attending and look forward to more visits!

- Katherine Iannuzzi

We love you guys and there's nothing really else to say. I have complete trust when my baby Sandy is in your care.

- Florence Gilkes

Great place to bring your dog for exercising and socializing. Very clean and spacious environment. Staff was very professional and nice. I felt comfortable leaving my dog there. He had such a great time he didn't want to leave.

- Anon Anon

Finn has a fantastic time at fido fitness,he can't wait to go there in the morning to see all his friends,great place for all dogs,highly recommend it!!

- Lisa Andrews

The employees were friendly, the place was clean and organized. My dog, Jack, felt comfortable and had a great time. I came all the way from Staten Island and felt it was totally worth the drive. I will definitely be coming back soon!

- Joseph Friedman

took Mel to Fido Fitness Sunday afternoon. After being stuck inside so much this winter, it was EXACTLY what he needed - he did the "zoomies" for about 5 minutes, just getting all his pent up energy out. SOOO glad there is a place like Fido Fitness to go to when exercising outside just isn't feasible!

- Pat Russo

I have been using the dog park at Fido Fitness for about a year or so. The people working there are extremely friendly and very personable. They remember my dogs name every single time I call, which is something my vet has yet to master. They separate an area for my dog and I because I have a 7 lb dog and I feel much better when he is with dogs his own size. The place is very clean and doesn't smell. I would recommend this place to anybody that wants a nice place to go to to exercise their dog in an indoor environment. A nice place with very nice people working there. The only thing I would recommend is opening up a place in Suffolk County, preferably on the South shore near Babylon, lol!

- Heather Kennedy

Cooper has the best time spending time in the indoor park. It's safe and clean

- Sherry Tauber

Clean and friendly

- mARK Epstein

Fido Fitness is the best! My dog loves it. He has a great time and comes home exhausted. The hours a great, and pick up and drop off are extremely convenient. I love this place.

- Jessica Schwartz

All the employees are very friendly and take great care of your pet.

- Jonathan Markowitz

Ellen and her staff understand that my dog is a loved member of my family. they treat my boy with the utmost respect and love.

- Nancy Mezrahi

I am so very happy that I discovered your place,,, The people are great...I feel very safe taking my 2 boxers there..

- Candy Washington

I had searched for months to find a suitable place to board our Shorkie, Murphy. When I found the Barrie Inn online I was thrilled. They advertised Cageless boarding. I called and spoke to the owner, Ellen who was so friendly and invited me to come and check the place out. I strong recommend the Barrie Inn to all dog owners. The place and staff are wonderful.

- Wonda Desposito

So far we've only taken 1 training session but from that session we're very impressed. The trainers take their time showing the techniques step by step until you get it right. Very friendly and professional.

- James Licata

Fun place for my dog to be.

- Joan Stagg

We brought our puppy boxer to the indoor dog park to get some energy out after a big snow storm. The facility was great and the staff was even better! We will definitely be coming back with Rufus for the park and some of the daycare services.

- Andy and Theresa Jacklin

You guys are the best thing that happened for our dog, he can't even contain himself on the car ride there. It's great to have a place where he can exercise and socialize in a safe, fun environment, especially in this rain and snow when I can't take him outside. Thanks for taking such good care of our boy 🙂

- Anon Anon

Happy, tired dog when I picked him up. Happy owner! I needed a place to leave him one day while I took care of some personal things and what a great place to leave him!

- Joan Stagg

I have really enjoyed the training classes at Fidos Fitness. I have taken Basic Obedience earning our CGC title, agility for beginners, and now scent detection. Peachy my Wheaten Terrier love learning new things and is a great way to bond with your dog. The staff at Fidos in knowledgable and so nice.

- Linda Keehn

My 11 month old boxer, Reggie, loves Fido Fitness. He comes home and sleeps for two days. Nice break in the middle iof the week for him. The staff are very nice and you can tell they care about their four legged friends

- Liza Caristia

Very pleased to have a welcoming place where our dog could come and play away from the sometimes harsh elements of the outdoors. I came during one of the frigid days before Thanksgiving and I found a more welcoming attitude from this professional operation than I did from my fellow dog owners at the local dog runs we've been to. I had the chance to meet Ellen, one of the owners, who stopped in on her day off. She was warm and welcoming and spent time to find out what our needs were and what FFC could offer. The other staff were also awesome and helpful. They made sure that a calm energy prevailed, but still allowed my puppy dog to play in a more roughhouse manner. There is a pen attached to the main play area to allow for time outs when needed. Potty incidents are treated as "par for the course" and between owners and staff are cleaned up immediately. Went for the indoor dog park. Definitely considering them for doggie day care needs.

- Anon Anon

safe indoor park for my boy to play with the capable staff on hand.

- Sherry Tauber

A great ,safe indoor dog park with a capable staff attending at all times.

- Sherry Tauber

The staff is amazing. True dog lovers. Holly is like a kid in a playground when i bring her. A bit overwhelming when she first goes in and gets 'greeted' by the other dogs, but it soon turns into a happy pack of friends. A safe place where dogs get to be dogs.

- Rita Riccardi

Opie was very happy yo play with his friends . I'm sure he was looking for his brother Wally. He will be back for many more play dates

- Anon Anon

I love the fact that I can see Murphy on the camera while at work. It made me feel like I could see how he was doing when I'm not around, especially since it was his birthday! Wish there was a wider camera angle. Would bring him more often but it gets to be too much of an expense. Since I work pretty late hours, the hours really make it easier for me to take him to fido fitness. And since an old student of mine is interning there, I'll feel even more comfortable bringing him there. Thanks for making Murphy's 3rd birthday an awesome day!!

- Kimberly Jason Lundari

Opie seems happy although I truly believe he was looking for Wally . He seem to have a great time and he's looking forward to coming back soon

- Jackie Schneiderman


- Francesca Muscatelli

My dog isy second child who I love and adore. My little guy with the big personality runs into fido fitness. He and I both love the committed staff and he loves his little friends. No worries when leaving your family member at fido fitness.

- Nancy Mezrahi

Very caring staff!

- Christine Filardi

Fido Fitness is the perfect place for our beagle Cal to hang out while we work! The whole staff is welcoming and runs the park with love. I highly recommend Fido to all dog owners near and far!

- Jason Deleon

Thanks for helping us with Bear the other day. He seems to have a good time, been safe & come home nice and tired. I only wish you lived closer so that we could use you more often (live in Rockville Centre).

- Liz Stack

This is a fabulous place to bring your dog for "doggy day care" or just a romp in the "park" The staff is knowledgeable, caring and above all loves dogs! They really play with them and make sure that no one gets bullied. Lisa

- Lisa Futterman

My dog had a great time at fido fitness! I didn't have to worry about him because I knew he was in good hands, and he came home tired and happy from playing all day! Thanks!

- Kate Ambrose

Amazing doggie daycare. They treat my Madi so wonderful. Everyone there is si special n friendly. The person I adore is ELLEN.........n glad I find this place.......

- Francesca Muscatelli

Very friendly staff. I felt comfortable leaving Gabby with them.

- Tiffany John

I really enjoyed the training class with John. He is such a good trainer. I'm looking forward to taking more class there with John.

- Juliette Oppenheimer

Mo and Yogi love it!

- Patricia and Steve Rose

As a first time anxiety ridden owner who had to leave (4 nights) my precious "Boris" a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff). The Barrie Inn aka Fido Fitness Club did a very good job of relieving the anxiety and taking very outstanding care of my dog. Not only would I not hesitate to leave Boris with them again, I am also going to utilize their dog park in the future.They love and care for your dog as if it theirs. Do not hesitate or worry, they are an outstanding dog care facility.

- Corbette Green

We absolutely loved the two older woman that have helped us but were extremely dissatisfied with the two younger people who were around our dog. First a young male, while they were playing he was smacking the rope toy against the wall numerous times, frightening our dog and others. Secondly, a younger female with the sides of her head shaved and tattoos. She was beyond unfriendly and cold to us and the dogs she was interacting with. I was actually hesitant and would not want to leave my dog in her presence again. She also wouldn't allow me to see my dog when he was in the back which really bothered me.

- Anon Anon

FIDO FITNESS CLUB IS LONG ISLAND'S BEST-KEPT SECRET! Due to the recent heat wave on Long Island, my wife and I were searching for a place for our dog to play indoors. We were pleased to come across Fido Fitness Club. From the initial phone call to inquire about space for us to come play to the moment we walked out the door after visiting for approximately two hours, it was crystal clear that the entire staff was not only knowledgeable about canine behavior, but truly loves dogs. Words cannot express how appreciative we were to experience the owner, staff and dogs at Fido Fitness Club. Even though we live in Suffolk, we will DEFINITELY be returning soon!

- Louis & Andrea Ohle

The Staff is very loving and caring towards Logan. I feel like I am dropping off my child (dog) at nursery school. Logan is always welcomed and at the end of the day, I get a brief report about his day. I love that I can see what is going on during the day by watching the Video cam. The staff is always keeping the grounds clean and I often see them playing with the dogs. Keep up the good work. Thanks

- Karen Yager

Annie always returns home tired and healthy -- just as we like our puppy! :-> Thanks!

- Nancy/Jerry Arnold/Faria

I was nervous about leaving my dog because he's never been away from us, so I stayed to watch for a little in the beginning and I was so impressed with how the staff, specifically Nick, handled introducing him to the other dogs and handled him in general. They place is large and indoor which I thought was a huge plus. In the end I felt comfortable leaving him there and was so happy to see he had a good day when I picked him up. I definitely recommend the Barrie Inn to everyone!

- Alexandra Dmytryszyn

Love the new benches!

- Kimberly Mockler

Amazing. Linda and Carol treat my baby like there own. The staff is professional and it has become Sonic's home away from home. I tell everyone about it. Also, Sal is the best groomer on long Island period!

- Anon Anon

Had a great time. Thank you

- Kevin Dematteis

Great place overall...happy and active dogs in a safe and open environment with caring staff. Will definately come back again soon.

- Robert Loo

Nice people, nice dog run, happy dogs.

- Edith Levine

charlie went in happy, and came home happy

- Linda Kaufman

We are so grateful that we found Fido Fitness last year when we rescued our puppy, Cooper. He has become more socialized with the other dogs and now has many doggie friends that he plays with on a daily basis. Ellen and her staff are wonderful. Cooper loves the attention he gets from everyone. My husband and I also like the special events that Ellen and her staff plans for the dogs and their owners. It is nice to meet the "parents" of the other dogs in Fido Fitness Clubs' care. Sending Cooper to doggie daycare at FFC gives us peace of mind when we are all at work. It is also a one stop shopping place. We get our dry and wet dog food from Fido which Cooper loves and is so healthy. We have used John for training and we have Cooper groomed once a month. Fido Fitness Club has become Cooper's and our second home!

- Linda Friedman-Kantor

I am so grateful to have a dedicated & safe place to bring my new rescue, Brutus! The staff are clearly doing what they love and he is always wagging his tail when I watch him over their web camera. I continue to recommend Fido Fitness to all dog owners I know. It is a great way to exercise & socialize our dogs.

- Christine Filardi

Best around. Kind and courteous. Cal loves you guys and so do we!

- Jason Deleon

great job...Gracie was happy and exhausted.

- Wendy Rodgers

Madison has been going to Fido Fitness for a while. She enjoys it and she's been getting training from the staff also. She is getting better with her fellow doggie day campers and it helps her socialize better and gets the exercise/stimulation all dogs need. Taking your dog to doggie day camp is an excellent idea and Fido Fitness has the facilities to make your dog's day fun-filled and keep your dog active and sociable.

- Stephanie Woods

This indoor dog park is very user friendly. They welcome not only the pets but the owners as well. There is a lovely environment and it is always a pleasure to visit Fido Fitness !! I would recommend Fido Fitness Club to any dog owner I know.

- Donna Tilove

Everyone at Fido has been a godsend for Cal, Teri, and I. Cal has become so much more confident, relaxed, and obedient since he's been going to play with his friends! Your staff is always welcoming, responsible, and kind to all of us. Please keep doing what you're doing and then some! We love you guys!

- Jason Deleon

Extremely happy with Fido, Ellen & all the staff! It's a nice piece of mind when i'm at work that the dogs are well cared for, getting excerise & having fun. We are very lucky to have found Fido

- Peggie Punch

So glad you are in the neighborhood. Sometimes I have found that there is not enough fresh water. Some of the counselors are nicer to the dogs than others. More supervision is needed on the people watching the dogs. Not all dogs are nice and some have to be separated. Some dogs should not be with other dogs. Dogs should have an opportunity to be walked.

- Anon Anon

I'm a member and don't know what I would do without these guys. My Vizsla is the happiest pup in the whole world- three days a week our dog gets picked up by the FFC van and goes to "school". We pay less for doggie daycare here than we did to have a dog walker come to the house. The staff/owners go out to their way to please and they also have the best hours- 7 days a week, and open late! When I am not using their pickup/drop-off service, I would drop our pooch off. It's so easy to commute since the dog park is located at the LIRR and they offer free parking! I can't say enough about Fido Fitness. They really care and offer lots of programs and educational classes for your best friend. They also carry Life's Abundance, the best dog food around! I've been saving $ buying it at FFC then if I were to buy it at the Vet. FFC helped us set up an Auto-Ship subscription this week- which is saving us even MORE money. If you are thinking about daycare or boarding... or just looking for a place to socialize your dog at their dog park... GO GO GO! We got a great community of people and dogs alike that would love to meet you!

- Jackie S.

We have been members for over a year now & it just keeps getting better. Our dogs (2 shih-tzu) love it! They play all day with their friends & come come tired. The staff is wonderful & excellent with the dogs. Ellen, Evelyn & their staff can't do enough to make Fido a great experience for both dogs & People!!!! I highly recommend Fido Fitness Club.

- Peggie Punch

I love Fido Fitness training, but equipment pricing needs reviewing.

- Corbette Green

My family and I were so excited to find an indoor dog park so that our dog could have some fun while we all stayed warm. This was a terrible place. The dogs were in a giant fenced off area with no toys. They all seemed so miserable. They were so happy when we came in to play with them. The paid staff were rude and unhelpful; they even left us alone for about 10 minutes with all the dogs!!!! What a waste of 10 dollars. On top of that, the walls are not soundproof at all so when one dog barks, which sets off the others, it is SO loud. Then the staff yells "Shut up!" at the dogs. I will never ever go back.

- Julie Baldock

I have a 5 yr old yellow lab that is filled with high energy. Two years ago I was looking for a place to board Drake. A friend recommend Fido Fitness cageless boarding. I took Drake to Fido Fitness for a "Pre" boarding trial. Drake bounded into Fido Fitness and I knew immediately this was going to be a long term commitment. Everyone I met at Fido Fitness were professional and dedicated to providing only the utmost care for Drake as well as the other dogs(big or small). I have been a member since that day. Ten days a month Fido Fitness picks up Drake in the morning and drops him off in the afternoon. He runs and is socialized all day long. He comes home content and exhausted. It gives me such a peaceful feeling knowing whether I am at work or away Drake is in a great enviroment. Thank You to everyone at Fido Fitness.

- Maureen Blasucci

Finn loves it at fido fitness!!

- Lisa Andrews

Fido Fitness is a very unique place. Its like an all day all breed social club for dogs. Upon visiting the facility I found that they supply the dog food brand my Cane Corso eats at a much more economical price. I am using their obedience trainer John N. who is the best of four I have used. His knowledge and results far outweigh the previous trainers I have used and the price is unbeatable. I would hightly recommend Fido Fitness and their personnel (who are very attentive to the dog clientele) without hesitation.

- Corbette Green


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