Indoor Dog Park Atlantic Beach

Fido Fitness Club® offers a one of a kind, 4,000 square foot climate controlled indoor dog park serving Atlantic Beach NY, and the surrounding areas of Nassau County New York.
The perfect gift you can give your dog is socialization in a safe, sanitized, controlled environment with a qualified and compassionate staff especially when it’s cold outside, stay warm inside at the Fido Fitness Club®. When searching for a dog park near me in Atlantic Beach look no further than the Fido Fitness Club®

Atlantic Beach Dog Park

Fido Fitness Club dog park is handily located at 910 Railroad Avenue in Woodmere New York close to Atlantic Beach. Unlike outdoor dog parks and even some indoor dog parks, Fido Fitness Club’s indoor dog park is air-conditioned in summer and heated during the winter, for year round convenience, not to mention clean and protected from the outside elements. Our specially designed compressed foam floor is easy on the paws and pleasant for dogs and their owner to run or jump on. We are Atlantic Beach’s best dog park choice.

Dog Obedience Training Atlantic Beach

Fido Fitness Club® has certified dog trainers and even a master certified ABC trainer for on-site dog obedience training which strikes a perfect balance between the need to tutor your dog while allowing for his or her natural personality to develop.
View our weekly dog training services schedule HERE.

Dog Training Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach dog training classes are available from the Fido Fitness Club® in suggested group classes and individual classes if appropriate. Sometimes a combination of one or more private lessons and a group class works best to set a solid foundation for dog training.
We also offer dog training classes like:
Puppy-K – Kindergarten for your puppy from 4-6 months old to acquire basic obedience and socialization skills.
Agility for Fun – Great fun for owner and dog.
Nose Work – Which is essential scent training in an urban detection-style sport setting.
Pet First Aid and CPR – This is a necessity for everyone who owns a Dog.
Obedience Training – General Obedience training for your dog 6 months and older by an ABC trainer.
TTouchTraining and Therapeutic Techniques – TTouch Technique are used as an alternative approach to addressing behavioral problems and wellness issues while enhancing quality of life and reducing dog fears.

Ask about combination board and training with Fido Fitness, call 516-569-3647.

Fetching Fido – Take advantage of our local dog pickup and delivery service. The perfect way to bring your dog to doggy daycare, using the Fetching Fido® SUV, bonded, insured and specially equipped to safely transport your dog. Fido Fitness Club® can bundle this service with your monthly membership cost. You may also request Fetching Fido® pickup and delivery when required providing the ultimate dog owner convenience.
Learn More about our local Atlantic Beach dog pickup and delivery service.

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