Feedback From Our Customers

Anne Delgrosso

“Buddy and Rusty, Vizsla brothers, ages 3 & 2, go to Fido Fitness Club® and love it! They go daily on the daycare program while we’re working and when we leave town, they stay overnight at their neighbor, The Barrie Inn. If seeing our pups wait by our front door in the morning with their leashes in their mouth doesn’t give us the hint, then pulling us to the front door of Fido Fitness Club® certainly does.

This place is a dream for people like us who work and have active dogs. The staff at FFC are so cognizant of our dogs behaviors that we feel at ease when they are with them. Don’t take my word for it- go and see for yourself!”


Professional Review by Jill Sackler:
January 10, 2011 – Indoor Dog Park in the ActiveRain Channel

Pat Russo – Client
“It took a little while to get the little dog ‘settled’, but then she found the other beagle & was very happy! your place is a good alternative to outdoor parks when the weather outside is ‘frightful’.”

posted on Yelp on 10-30-2011: “Wonderful indoor dog park with caring owners and staff. Excellent place to come to when the weather outside makes going to an outside door park a pretty miserable experience.”

posted on Yelp on 7-25-2011: “We love this place! Our dog is always excited when we take him here for day care and he always comes home a sleepy boy. They have half day day care for $20 and full day for $35, really can’t go wrong. The day care is indoors so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting too hot or too cold. There is ample parking out front as well. As an added plus, they also started weekend day care, so your pet can have fun while you have a day out!”

posted on Yelp on 7-6-2013: John L.“Stopped by here briefly while going to Long Beach, since I needed to find a place last minute for my dog who wasn’t allowed on the beach. So I’ll keep this short. Facilities are large and clean, staff was friendly and VERY accommodating, and rates are very reasonable. This would be my go to place, but I live a ways off and probably won’t be back unless I stop by Long Beach again. Hopefully they open a location somewhere in the UES or northern Queens”

Demand Force – 7-20-13 Corbette G, Jamaica, NYC “As a first time anxiety ridden owner who had to leave (4 nights) my precious “Boris” a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff). The Barrie Inn aka Fido Fitness Club did a very good job of relieving the anxiety and taking very outstanding care of my dog. Not only would I not hesitate to leave Boris with them again, I am also going to utilize their dog park in the future.They love and care for your dog as if it theirs. Do not hesitate or worry, they are an outstanding dog care facility.”