Dog Training

Fido Fitness Club® training strikes a perfect balance between the need to educate your dog while allowing for his or her natural personality to shine through. We offer many dog training services: Daycare-n-Train, Board-n-Train and One-on One Private lessons with you and your Dog.   Our Obedience programs are designed to monitor behavior while bringing out the best in your dog.  Our training schedule is flexible and based on our client’s needs. Our Puppy School teaches the young ones socialization and basic household manners so they learn to live comfortably in your home environment. agilityOur trainers Ellen Adler and David Sokolow are our on-site lead trainers, certified in New York State by master trainer Anthony Jerone, expert in canine obedience and behavioral problems. They are assisted by our senior staff to broaden your puppy’s exposure to other people.

Why not get your dog some additional training while he participates in our Daycare program at Fido Fitness Club®?  Or while boarding at The Barrie Inn  Register for our  “Board-n-Train” program. Private sessions are specially designed by our trainers to make the most of the time your dog is with us. We specialize in behavior modification and rehabilitation of adopted and rescued dogs with unique challenges.

To register for a Training Program or for more information, contact us. All training must be prepaid upon registration.