Dog Training

Dog Training Services

Fido Fitness Club® training strikes a perfect balance between the need to educate your dog while allowing for his or her natural personality to shine through. We offer many dog training services Group classes – Private lessons – Agility – Board-n-Train. Our Obedience courses are designed to monitor behavior while bringing out the best in your dog.  Our training schedule is flexible and based on our client’s needs. Our Puppy K (kindergarten) class teaches the young ones socialization and basic skills. agilityOur trainers Ellen Adler, David Sokolow, and “Russ the Trainer” are our on-site trainers, certified in New York State by master trainer Anthony Jerone, expert in canine obedience and behavioral problems. Canine Good Citizen evaluations can be arranged as well.

Why not get your dog some additional training while he participates in our Daycare program at Fido Fitness Club®?  Or while boarding at The Barrie Inn  Register for our new “Board-n-Train” program. Private sessions are specially designed by our trainers to make the most of the time your dog is with us. We specialize in behavior modification and rehabilitation of adopted and rescued dogs with unique challenges.

To register for a class or for more information, contact us. All classes must be prepaid upon registration.


Agility for Fun - Every Sunday at 12:30pm.


Do you want to do something fun with your Dog?  Try Agility for fun. Only $15 per class. For an additional modest fee, a trainer can work with you to get familiar with the equipment.

Call 516-569-3647 for details about our dog training services.

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Nose Work - Returning to FFC! Wednesdays at 7pm Call to schedule.


Scent (Nose) Work is the new, exciting, urban detection-style dog sport that is designed to develop dogs’ natural scenting abilities by using their curiosity, their instinctual desire to hunt, as well as their love of toys, food, and exercise.

This sport turns you and your dog into a fine-tuned detection team; locating target rewards and target scents in challenging search environments. It’s a great way for any dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy.

Scent (Nose) Work is open to dogs of all shapes and sizes – absolutely zero prior obedience training required! Only $15 a class!

Daycare-n-Train Offered! Tuesdays and Thursdays

Bring your Fido in for daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and sign up for training while they are here!  We can help you address problems – behavioral and obedience.  Speak to Ellen for details!

Pet First Aid and CPR - We schedule these based on interest.

As seen on FIOS, Pet Tech offers their Pet First Aid and CPR class at Fido Fitness Club by popular demand.  What do you do when your fav pup cuts his paw, or chokes on his food when eating too fast?  This is a necessity for everyone who owns a Dog.  Will cover the following topics:

  • CPR and Rescue Breathing
  • Heat and Cold Injuries
  • Poisons and treatment
  • Restraining the injured pet

Plus much MORE….space is limited. Cost: Only $79!

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Obedience: New Series on Tuesdays from 7-8 pm starting April 25th. Call to register!

Offering general Obedience training for your dog 6 months and older by one of our certified trainers. We accept up to 6 dogs only for maximum effectiveness.  Call for pricingPrepaid Registration required.


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Puppy-K: 6 Week Series on Mondays at 7pm

Have a new Pup?  Offering Kindergarten for your Fav pup from 4-6 months old to acquire basic obedience and socialization skills. Training offered by our onsite trainers at 7pm.  Call for pricing.  Prepaid registration required.  This is scheduled on demand with no more than 6 “students”.   This class is not scheduled at this time .

Private Training - Available on Request

Faced with behavioral challenges? Contact us to schedule a series of private sessions by appointment.

Get certified in Dog Training! Classes held at FFC!

Learn to be a Certified Master Dog Trainer from New York City’s BEST! Anthony Jerone’s training instructor programs will train you to be a proficient and certified dog trainer.

The Anthony Jerone’s Canine Education Academy provides a comprehensive and well-rounded training for both dogs and people. Many of Anthony’s Alumni are here at Fido Fitness Club and would be happy to tell you more about the programs the Academy offers.